Safari in Etosha, Namibia

Safari in Etosha, Namibia

The best time to visit Etosha Park is from May to November. Then you can watch the most interesting animal migrations. The rainy months from December to March are also amazing in their own way and almost worth a second visit. With a seven-month viewing period, Etosha National Park, like the rest of Namibia, is almost a year-round destination. Etosha, even in the short rainy season offers great opportunities to watch animals, because there are no rivers here, and the bush is not as dense as in other reserves with higher rainfall (like Kruger Park in South Africa). The concentration of wild animals is higher in Etosha Park than in most other reserves. Even if it rains, there are violent and short-lived storms that allow you to see and photograph animals, both before and after rainfall. The rainy season, which is the African summer, is undoubtedly warmer, but the rains bring a pleasant cooling of the air. The African spring, i.e. October and November, are also additionally attractive due to the birth of thousands of small antelopes such as spring bocks and black face impalas. These animals endure pregnancy and give birth to offspring during several days in October and November. It is a way to defend against predators and increase the breeding potential of species.

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