Whale sharks in Inhambane – Mozambique

Whale sharks in Inhambane – Mozambique

Whale sharks – this endangered species is the largest living fish in the world, exceeding 14 meters in length (over 46 feet). Up close you can see markings of alternating thin white vertical stripes, columns, white spots on a dark background, as well as long ridges in the upper body. The whale shark is an amazing animal that can be watched closely. You don’t have to be a qualified diver to swim with these delicate deep creatures. They have a calm nature and are completely harmless. It seems that people are their only predator and hunting practices are becoming more frequent. Whale sharks have broad flat heads with mouths extending from one side to the other. They eat small school fish, as well as small plants and algae, slowly swimming along the surface. Whale sharks absorb huge amounts of sea water in solid sips and use a filter feeding method to capture food particles.

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