Zebra migration – Botswana

Zebra migration – Botswana

Zebra migration is an almost unknown spectacle that takes place in Botswana every year. This is the longest single animal migration ever recorded. This is an amazing sight when thousands of zebras raise clouds of dust as they move from one pasture to the next. Massive migration of zebras in Botswana occurs twice a year, when the herds of zebras move first from north to south and then back from south to north. They move with the seasons and rainfall, always in search of a new pasture. Zebras cover vast tracts of land, covering over 300 miles in one migration. Up to 30,000 animals can travel simultaneously. This is a truly unique spectacle, but a spectacle that has only recently been “discovered”. Botswana was once the site of the largest migrations in Africa, even larger than the famous migrations in Serengeti (Tanzania). However, due to poor land management and agricultural policy, these migrations have largely disappeared due to the erection of veterinary fences and poaching. Over the years, one of the longest migrations in Africa was unnoticed. Now if you visit the central parts of Botswana at the right time of year, you can experience this natural spectacle in all its glory. Zebras travel from the Okavango delta to the south at the beginning of the rainy season. From November to January large herds can be seen on the plains of the Makgadikgadi salt lake, and especially along the Boteti River. After the rainy season, from March to April, zebra herds migrate north to the Okavango backwaters, where they spend most of the drought until the first rains in November and December.



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