DIVALI – festival of lights, Mauritius

DIVALI – festival of lights, Mauritius

There are many exotic islands in the world. But there is nowhere to be found where an uninhabited island has emerged as an independent country in just four centuries, full of European, Hindu and Chinese influence. Due to the unique cultural mix of the island, there is no single language spoken here, there are many religions, and the majority of the population is Indo-Mauritian who follow the Hindu faith. Is there a better time to explore the magical land of dodo than when celebrating the Hindu “Festival of lights” “Divali”? The festivities in Diwali last five days, and the last day – October 27 – is considered a public holiday in Mauritius. This light-saturated festival is deeply rooted in legends and various beliefs, visible in many of the activities preceding the public holiday, which is planned on New Moon night (i.e. the darkest night) according to the Hindu calendar. Before Diwali begins, the Mauritians clean the houses to get rid of dirt and negative energy and welcome the deity of Lakshmi. The idea is to make their homes as beautiful and cozy as possible.







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