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    Elzbieta KadelaApril 2019RSA - Victoria Falls - Botswana5Thank you for finding yet another wonderful vacation for me. This trip was a very special one and I feel that I need to acknowledge people that made it happen.
    Africa was amazing but not without many unfortunate events. My suitcase didn’t make it to Johannesburg on time and arrived three days later. I got robbed at the airport, slipped on a wet floor in Victoria Falls and had five stitches to make it better and we missed our flight back to Poland due to the weather. In all this, I never felt alone. The local travel agency made every effort to make it less unpleasant and to make me feel protected. I was in close contact with the agency thru my various situations and found them friendly and extremely helpful.
    The trip itself was full of surprises not all of them good. The flight to Johannesburg and the flight back to Poland could have been booked better. Also, I didn’t enjoy two long days of travel on the bus which happened on the first and the third day of the trip. The Flight to Durban on the first day would have made it all much more workable and enjoyable. Still, it was magical trip thanks to our tour Guide, Mr. Bogdan. He created a perfect atmosphere of fun and excitement while we were learning about this beautiful continent. He was considerate of all the people on the tour accommodating our needs and requests as they unfolded. I was impressed with his knowledge and eagerness to share it with us.
    Thank you again for a wonderful trip.
    PeterMarch 2019Rsa - Zimbabwe - Botswana5I cannot rate this company enough!!! Our trip included South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. The vehicles were comfy and the guides very knowledgeable. We didn't have one bad experience and we would 100% use them again. Highly recommended for people like us with no idea of where to start – the office helped us to build perfect itinerary, had brilliant suggestions and gave lots of priceless advises. Don’t hesitate to book with Safpol, you won't be disappointed!
    Chaim January 2019RSA - CTP - Garden Route - Kruger Park - Johannesburg -Pretoria - Victoria FallsDear Barbara/Anna/Basia,
    Thank you very much for your support and efforts in making our tour successful, full of wonderful experiences and having happy group members.
    JolaNovember 2018South Africa5I returned very happy and satisfied after a tour in November 2018. Ms Danuta lead the tour through majestic Cape Town and most beautiful surroundings with great enthusiasm. We truly enjoyed wonderful places such as Cape Of Good Hope, Stellenbosch winelands. Ms. Mariola shared her great knowledge and showed us the rest of the other remaining attractions.
    We were really impressed by Kruger Park Reserve. The hotels in which we stayed were superb with wifi available. The meals were excellent. One thing to make note of is the drive through Swaziland, we spent most of the day on the bus. Maybe it would be worth rearrange this day somehow to utylize the time better
    Generally I give rating 5 for this tour. My foto story with regards to the whole trip may be found on www.trip4cheap.pl entitled Panorama Africa or Touring RSA.
    WiesiaNovember 2018South Africa5I am very happy that I was able to take part in this trip to South Africa in November 2018. I was delighted with Cape Town, Stellenbosch wine land and Kruger Park. The trip plan and service during the trip was very good. Mrs. Mariola, very interestingly told about history and life in South Africa. Hotels and food during the trip were on a very good standard. That's why I rate a trip to 5.
    Avita & Uzi LandmanNovember 2018Namibia - Orange Dunes5Uzi and I feel so very lucky and grateful to have had you as our guide for our first visit to Namibia!
    Your abilities resulted in an enjoyable, fulfilling trip for us, well worth all effort and time invested in it. Your deep knowledge, intelligence, authority- yet - flexibility, helpfulness, even driving skills, and --- your patience-- helped create a seamless, fluid and stimulating program.
    Not a dull/idle moment!!
    All the well planned sites you introduced us to, presented interesting, complex, and often unusual ideas, that helped us to better understand the region. The sea-lion birth event, for example, despite being horrific in some aspects, as well as being accompanied by an overwhelming stench, was an unforgettable learning experience, leading one to wonder - and mostly accept-nature's sometimes unforgiving cruelty.

    We also learned a lot from your explanations of the underlying political, societal, regional, and religious systems that exist and still do affect the progress of this region. -- how do you remember all these dates, and names???!!

    Many of the accommodations we visited, as well as the various restaurants, were superb, and left a taste for more.
    Your "WeTransfer" system of transferring photos was a new discovery for us - it works like a charm!

    We greatly enjoyed our visit to Namibia, and are sure to contact you in the future, as we seek new - or same- areas to explore.
    Avital and Uzi Landman
    Alfred MsezaneNovember 2018RSA5The organization and execution of the wonderful venture was excellent. The service and living conditions at the various places as well as the abundance of a spectrum of animals was beyond my expectation of a seven day safari. For those who simply want an exposure to nature at its best in seven days, I strongly recommend this Safari by Safpol Safaris. Wonderful was the professionalism of the owner----Within two days of our first communication with him (we did not have time on our side), he had every thing communicated clearly in writing. And he followed the commitment to the letter of the law! Indeed, it was a wonderful peek into nature's dynamics in seven days.
    Bartek D.Novemer 2018Mauritius 5I used their services four times (South Africa with Botswana and Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Seycheles, Mauritius).Preparation of the program and fine tuning of all details took place very smoothly.Barbara and Peter are the best guides I have ever met.
    KCSeptember 2018South Africa - Zimbabwe - Botswana5Safpol came highly-recommended by friend of mine who took a customized tour of S. Africa, Zimbabwe/Victoria Falls and day trip of Chobe last year. Basia Combrinck worked tirelessly with us for weeks via email to put together our itinerary (3 nts in Cape Town, 2 nts in Kruger, 1 nt at Tshukudu Private Game Reserve, 2 nts in Johannesburg, 2 nts in Victoria Falls [day trip to Chobe] and 1 nt in Hwange). Basia was responsive and accommodating. She suggested that we move our travel dates forward one day to take advantage of lower domestic airfares. This worked well with our international airfares too, so good call from Basia! One thing to note: I had previously used foreign travel agencies (in Asia) which did not charge credit card fees, so I was taken by surprise when it came time to pay Safpol and was told I had to cover the extra 4% VISA card fee (4.5% for AMEX). I had also gotten a different visa card with the sole intention of taking advantage of its free travel insurance... When it's all said and done, I ended up paying Safpol via bank wire transfer and buying separate travel insurance. It would have been helpful if the cc fee was disclosed upfront.
    The safari tour most definitely met all our expectations: our private tour guides (Warren Tilling in Cape Town and Per Larsen in Kruger, Tshukudu and Johannesburg) were knowledgeable, friendly and caring. We learned a lot about not just the tourist sites, but also the people, history, current affairs and etc.. Prior to our trip, I had (in hindsight, unnecessarily) worked my anxiety up via internet searches and was quite apprehensive about S. Africa, esp. Johannesburg and Kruger. Per Larsen took such good care of us that we always felt safe. The best part of our 2-nt in Johannesburg was that we did get to visit Soweto and even Cyrildene(our special request). We saw all the Big 5...which we were told, had a lot to do with luck. If we had to go it again, I'd definitely add one extra night in Cape Town to give ourselves time to recover from our long flight from NYC (19 hrs incl. transit at JNB and flight times) . Even though safari tours weren't not on our Cape Town agenda, the city and surroundings had a lot to offer...we actually didn't get to visit a couple of tourist spots such as Greenmarket Square and Signal Hill due to weather and (ofc) our action-packed schedule.
    In terms of accommodations, we loved the Lagoon Beach location, except when we had noisy neighbors one night and found ourselves unsure whom to contact ...as there's no actual front desk (security guards were on site). Luckily, neighbors did quiet down eventually.
    Kruger Park Lounge was spacious, clean and very comfortable. There was, however, slight confusion with whether we got breakfast on date of our departure (though it was stated as included in our itin.). I went to the front desk to have it straightened out and yes, we did get our included breakfast.
    In general, we found food prices in S. Africa very reasonable and food very good.

    The one damper on our trip was the theft of an old mobile phone (used as backup) from our son's suitcase en-route from CPT to JNB. Our 2 bigger and heavier suitcases made their way out onto baggage claim sooner than son's lighter midsize suitcase. The Masterlock (combination) lock and luggage strap were gone. Phone was removed but phone case was left, so son didn't realize phone was stolen til a couple of days later. ....Along the same vein, even though South Africa Airways will book you on their domestic connection from JNB to CPT within 2 hours after your international flight arrival (ours from JFK), do NOT be tempted. We RUSHED the whole time: through immigration(40-50 people line), extra time for baggage, and a shock to us: the 'fast bag drop re-check desk' still had a 10+ people line (we had our bags through-checked to CPT).....then 20-30 people security line at the domestic terminal.......we had to plead our ways through all these lines and relied on kindness of fellow passengers and security personnel. It's a journey in itself which I vow never to repeat! (Basia did warn us about the tight transit....live-and-learn...sigh)

    Our 3 day visit to Zimbabwe was also arranged by Safpol but run by ShearWater Victoria Falls. Our guide Dingee was as well-informed and detail-oriented as our two guides in S. Africa. As happened to my friends during their 2017 visit, there was again confusion wrt airport transfer on the last day. Luckily, Dingee called the ShearWater office and made last-minute arrangements to accompany us to Hwange Safari Lodge for the day and take us to VFA the following morning. Accommodation-wise, the two hotels in Zimbabwe (Rainbow Hotel in Victoria Falls and Hwange Safari Lodge in Hwange) were definitely a step-down from what we had in S. Africa. Both looked outdated and somewhat worn. I'd definitely look for alternative in Victoria Falls given the vast number of options. Hwange Safari Lodge looked very promising as it abuts Hwange National Park. You can see wildlife visiting the watering hole from our room windows. We arrived on a hot afternoon (90's) after a 2-hr drive. Flying insects everywhere: ladies room in the lobby, the restaurant where we had our late lunch, and our rooms. Somehow very few bugs were found in the same restaurant during dinner and breakfast the following morning. So I'm praying/hoping that hotel management could do something more about the 'bug' situation, as it would be a shame given how beautiful the hotel ground is.

    Despite minor hiccups, the trip was very worthwhile. Thank you Basia, Warren, Per and Dingee for making our trip to Africa most memorable.
    Amanda ChenaultAugust 2018African Express5Bogdan was the backbone of our trip! Incredibly knowledgable, fun and a true delight! The tour through Swaziland to Durban was a bore. Otherwise, the package was well worth every cent spent. Memories of a lifetime!
    Richard Fox15 June 2018CapeTown - Kruger park - Victoria Falls5Super vacation in southern Africa--Cape Town, Kruger Park, Victoria Falls

    We really enjoyed the tour arranged for us by Safpol. The guides we had were excellent and went out of their way to make sure we had a great experience. We particularly appreciated the way we were able to make adjustments to our itinerary, for example inserting a free day in Cape Town so that we could each do different activities, and changing two of the hotels for ones with a better location.

    We'd recommend against taking the "sunset cruise" that is frequently included with visits to Victoria Falls. We had expected at least some view of the falls or the gorge, but the boat goes in the opposite direction. It’s just a booze cruise, the crew are too busy serving drinks to point out anything along the way, and the sunset is nothing special, so skip it and spend the extra time at the falls. By the way, you'll see more at the falls if you go in the low water season, rather than in May when there is so much mist and rain near the falls.

    We particularly scheduled game drives at 3 different parks: Kruger in South Africa, a nearly private park called Tshukudu, and Chobe which is in Botswana but close enough to Victoria Falls for a day trip. Tshukudu has radio collars on their animals so it was pretty certain that we would be able to see lions and a cheetah, after seeing lots of prey but no predators at Kruger Park. It’s a lot easier to see animals in Chobe, so it was good to have that trip as a backup in case we hadn’t seen so much at the other parks. All in all, a wonderful vacation.
    Sergiusz10 May 2018Namibia5Amazing trip.
    Namibia – fantastic introduction to Africa.
    Our first African safari exceeded our expectations; it was simply wonderful. Of course it could hardly have been anything else given the sheer beauty of the Namibian landscape and the wonderful wildlife in Etosha. But we have to thank Safpol Safaris for putting it all together so that we could experience so much of that incredible country. The organisation worked perfectly, the program was very well prepared. The accommodation was excellent, particularly some remote lodges like Hohenstein, Ugab or Opuwo. Every one of them with magnificent views. The food was also good in almost all lodges. Surprisingly we had lot of rain in Damaraland and Etosha but our Toyota Cruiser and our guide Peter handled lakes of water without a problem. Peter’s experience and exceptional knowledge of Namibia allowed us to relax completely in those remote areas.
    Our initial apprehension to Namibian safari changed into outstanding experience thanks to Safpol and our guide Peter. Truly fantastic holiday which we advertise now to all our friends.
    Marek AdamskiMarch 2018South Africa and Zimbabwe5Service like that will bring us to Africa again! Thank you Safpol Safaris
    Iwona 29 Jan 2018Namibia - Botswana - Zimbabwe5 "THOROUGHLY PROFESSIONAL AND AMAZING"
    An unforgettable trip, superbly organised, professionally delivered - we loved every minute of it, thank you!
    Fantastic company to deal with and their expertise provided us with an amazing holiday.
    It was a pleasure to deal with Safpol Safaris in planning our trip to Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. They designed a brilliant itinerary for our long 16 days trip and were on hand to answer all our queries and concerns. The quality of the accommodation they booked was exceptional and they provided great service to us on arrival in Windhoek and throughout our holiday. The Guide was knowledgeable and very professional. The car in which we travelled was the best and most comfortable Toyota Land-cruiser which made our, over 3500 km trip on sand roads very comfortable.. We would certainly use them again and have no hesitation recommending them to others.
    Dorota18 Jan 2018Namibia - Botswana - Zimbabwe5 "Professional, interesting and well organised"
    Safpol organised a great 16 days long private tour of Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe for me and a group of friends. We often travel all over the world, however I must say that this was one of the best trips. We saw incredible African countries, we had great safaris and absolutely amazing sitings of wild animals. We stayed in elegant and beautifully designed lodges and hotels, our guide new all countries very well and had super knowledge of not only geography, flora and fauna, but also history of the countries. He also spoke our language in addition to English and German. He could bring us very close to the way of life in Africa and its people. The program was designed very well and allowed us to visit and experience the most interesting places in all visited countries. The food and the variety was excellent and least but not last I must say we had the most comfortable car we could imagine: luxurious Toyota Land-cruiser, which made our travel as comfortable as possible, taking into consideration that majority of roads in Namibia are dirt and sand roads and we did approx 3500 km during this tour. We certainly received a good value for money and we really enjoyed our time.
    I would definitely recommend Safpol Safaris as the Tour Operator for organisation of complicated tours in Southern Africa.
    Katarzyna21 Dec 2017South Africa - Zimbabwe - Botswana5 "A wonderful trip to Victoria Falls & Chobe – professional service and the best value for money"
    Safpol Safaris is a great tour operator – definitely worth a recommendation. From the very beginning of our contacts, staff working at Safpol was extremely professional and helpful going above and beyond to prepare the best possible offer that would meet all our expectations. My parents wanted to go for a short trip to Victoria Falls with a one- or two-day gateway to Chobe. Barbara from Safpol came up with the best offer. The trip included accommodation with breakfasts and dinners included, the sunset cruise on Zambezi, visiting Victoria Falls with a guide as well as a one-day trip to Chobe National Park. Parents absolutely loved all the activities especially that Safpol took care of everything, including all transport arrangements. The Victoria Falls Rainbow Hotel was decent and in line with my parents’ expectations but if one wishes to have an upper-class accommodation, should rather go for other option. Many thanks to the Safpol Safaris Team for the fantastic trip!
    Marcin Szopa12 Dec 2017South Africa - Zimbabwe - Botswana5 "Safpol Safaris certainly met the criteria."
    In November, with a group of friends we took a trip to South Africa and Zimbabwe organized by Safpol Safaris.
    We have been travelling for many years to the world's most remote places and that destination was another challenge for us. We can definitely consider ourselves as experienced travellers, and very demanding ones for sure. The itinerary is vital to us. It should be extensive, intensive and, last but not least, well thought-out, and the one suggested by Safpol Safaris certainly met the criteria. Bearing in mind the combination of the high standard transport, board and accommodation, we think that the trip was prepared in a perfect manner. In the opinion of our entire group our guide, Ms Mariola Pawelczyk, commands particular praise as a competent, caring and simply professional person.
    Iwona & Jarek Rahn6 Nov 2017Namibia - Botswana - Zimbabwe5 "An amazing adventure!"
    Me and my friends went to Namibia, Bostwana and Zimbabwe with Safpol Safaris. Program was very intense but really interesting. Our tourguide - Piotr took us to really beautifull, non-commercial places, especially in Bostwana, for example the Moremi Reserve and places near the Kwai River. The trip was very well organised, Piotr was really open to our suggestions. Our nights in the wilderness (in comfortable tents) let us taste the raw beauty and nature of Africa. We recommend Safpol Safaris for everyone!
    Alina 5 Nov 2017Namibia - Botswana - Zimbabwe5 "Our trip was fantastic!"
    I was with my husband and our friends in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Trip was excellent organised, Piotr Plebankiewicz was a fantastic and helpful guide. Barbara Combrinck always and quicly replied on our e-mails. We slept in beautiful places, we ate very good food. We visited many wonderful places and saw many animals. Tour met our expectations. It was incredible trip!
    Iwona5 Nov 2017South Africa - Zimbabwe - Botswana5 "Excellent adventure."
    We spent 2 weeks in southern Africa. Mainly in Namibia and Botswana. Our trip ended in Zimbabwe in Victoria Falls. It was a wonderful adventure for us. Nature is overwhelmingly beautiful. On a safari in Etosha N.P. and Moremi N.P., we felt as happy as kids at the toy store. Wildlife, beautiful weather, comfortable lodges and hotels made us never forget these holidays.
    Mr. Peter Plebankiewicz, our guide, was very helpful, always ready for our suggestions. We spent two weeks together, travelling with smiles on our faces non stop. He was never tired or unhappy. He also helped us organize all activities like rafting or bungee jumping. Everything was awesome.

    Our entire African adventure was planned and organized together with Safpol. Thanks to the Internet it was very easy.
    We also wanted to thank Mrs. Basi Combrinck for the efficient help and always quick, friendly contact by Whatsapp or email.

    Iwona Szewczuk
    Beata5 Nov 2017Namibia - Botswana - Zimbabwe5 "it was excellent journey and my dreams came true, I recommend it everyone"
    I like everything. I was suprised by every country like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana. I really get to loved with Africa. The service was very good and I will only change the car for the biggest one. It is a remembrance for my whole life.
    Andrzej Tyra2 Nov 2017South Africa - Zimbabwe - Botswana5 "Charms of Africa at its best"
    Excellent service, everything was scheduled and on time. Every question regrading country, customs or culture were answered with deep knowledge of the subject. The Kruger Park safari was an unforgettable experience. To see those wild animals in direct proximity is giving absolutely amazing feeling. Everybody returned home with beautiful pictures as a souvenirs from this wonderful expedition.
    Michael26 Oct 2017South Africa5 "Good value for money."
    The communicantion was smooth and the service was good. The trip went smooth without any major issues.
    Jan Florczak13 Oct 2017South Africa5 "I loved my trip with Safpol Sararis, I had a wonderful time."
    Excellent experience, the hotels, transportation, tour leaders, and the overall tour was awesome. Everything was extremely organized and I would definitely highly recommend this tour to others.
    Nina 11 Oct 2017South Africa - Zimbabwe - Botswana5 "It was my first trip with Safpol Safaris, everything was as expected, it was wonderful experience"
    Very good communications, super service. A very interesting program has been entirely realized. Very professional guides with great knowledge. Tasty food, great hotels - I highly recommend the Safpol Safaris !!
    Victoria3 Oct 2017South Africa5 "Fantastic service, and friendly people"
    Safpol is an amazing company with a super friendly staff. They planned the tour for us, just the way we wanted it. We had some suggestions for what we wanted to see and experience, and the trip they planned for us was just perfect. Couldn't have been better. They booked everything with hotels, and some of the activities. Which were great. They know their way around in SA. I would recommend them to all my friends and family. They are also easy to communicate with, as they reply quick on emails. This was definitely the best trip of my life.
    Kimberly2 Oct 2017Southern Africa5 "Excellent service and trip with Safpol"
    My friend & I contacted Safpol in July 2017, and they were amazing in accommodating us for our 24 day tour of Southern Africa. During our trip, the people from Safpol were always in contact with us to make sure everything was okay. We had no hiccups during our trip and everything went perfectly as planned. We experienced so many wonderful things, stayed in very nice hotels and got many stamps in our passports! I highly recommend Safpol for your travel plans!
    Judy 12 Jul 2017South Africa - Zimbabwe - Botswana5"Top-notch tour operator"
    We just came back from the Trip of our Life time to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana a few days ago. All the credit of Safpol.
    I initially picked Safpol out of 4 tour operators because(1) their basic itinerary matched very close to what I had in mind; (2) very responsive communication; (3) very good reviews; and (4) close to my budget. After I decided to go with Safpol, the various travel co ... Read more
    Krzysiek 19 May 2017South Africa - Zimbabwe - Mozambik5"The best tour operator in South Africa"
    We took from Safpol tour starting from Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe. This was excellent experience. Hotels was nice and comfortable. Guide was helpful with big knowledge of the region.
    I recomend Safpol to all travelers
    Marcin11 May 2017South Africa5"Fabulous..!!!! I have come back from Southa Africa 1 month ago"
    I recommend to everyone, beautiful views, wildlife, animals and a guide that is 100% prepared to organize your stay.
    Beata10 May 2017South Africa5"excellent"
    The tour was very well organized. The program was very interesting and tailored to our needs. We have seen many interesting things. Beautiful views, wild animals, many unforgettable experiences. Our guide was the best guide I ever had
    I recommend to everyone. Incredible adventure.
    Kamila10 May 2017South Africa - Zimbabwe5"Unforgettable, first adventure with Africa"
    Rich trip plan. The organization - unobjectionable. Great guide - Mariola, who kept the group in the discipline :). I love this expedition for: the atmosphere, safari, bungee jumping, shark diving, the scent of the bush and i could specify without end;). Definitely recommend
    Marcin12 Apr 2017South Africa5"you can rely on them"
    I organized with Safpol few corporate groups in South Africa, always all was perfect. Great value for money. They are very helpful and open for new ideas.
    Barbara Sikorska 4 Mar 2017South Africa5"Super organisation excellent travel agency."
    whenever travelling to South Africa only Safpol Safaris have to be chosen! We were very well served by your Company- Everything worked out fine and everybody from our group was very satisfied. Excellent job. Thank you very much indeed!
    Erica 16 Jan 2017Zimbabwe and Botswana5The trip they organized exceeded all expectations. Having not found too many reviews in advance I admit to have been somewhat sceptical - for nothing.

    Having travelled a lot this trip makes it to the very top. A great experience! Basia (from Safpol Safaris) is very quick to reply and whatever questions I had in mind were warmly welcomed and everything accordingly addjusted.

    The programme we had in Zimbabwe (visiting Victoria Falls, Zambezi river, an evening game drive etc.) and in Kasane, Botswana (Chobe river Cruise, game drive) was wonderful.

    This trip left us both (we were travelling as a couple) in awe. Can't wait to have our next African adventure - hopefully organized by Safpol Safaris. Thank you very much for organizing this wonderful trip!
    Maura12 Jan 2017South Africa and Swaziland5"The Best of South Africa and Swaziland"
    Safpol Safaries planned an outstanding two week holiday. We enjoyed learning about the history of South Africa with visits to Johannesburg, Pretoria and Soweto; thoroughly loved the safaris that were scheduled in Kruger Park, Hluhluwe Game Reserve and Lion Park; found the scenery of the country spectacular as we travelled the Panorama Route and concluded our vacation in the beautiful city of Capetown. Safpol Safaries and especially our travel consultant, Basia Combrinck were a pleasure to work with. She responded promptly to every inquiry, question or request that was made. Further, she was willing to modify our itinerary to accommodate our special interests or changes as the trip neared. I would highly recommend anyone travelling to South Africa to contact and work with Safpol Safaris
    Anna,Dariusz and friendsDec 2016South Africa5"Wonderful time in South Africa with Safpol Safaris"
    On behalf of our group I would like to say thank you to Barbara, Peter and Basia for organising this wonderful trip. They were always responsive in communication and very understanding of our needs. Safpol has fixed itineraries listed on their website, but worked with us to adjust the itinerary based on our preferences of what we wanted to see and do. They offered good ideas and tips when planning the trip while also honouring the budget we had available. The quality of the accommodation they booked was exceptional. They really put together an amazing itinerary for us and we did not have any complications with anything. The lodges were great, the safaris were amazing, all the transfers were on time, everything was just as the itinerary explained it would be. The tour guides Mariola and Marek were very knowledgeable and really caring about nature and the environment. We really enjoyed our holiday. Thanks to Safpol we had a wonderful time in South Africa. We will recommend Safpol as a very trustworthy company that gives a guarantee of a successful holiday.
    Marek, Agnieszka, Grazyna and Krzysztof14 Dec 2016South Africa5"Amazing holidays in South Africa"
    We would like to thank the Safpol Safaris staff for the perfect organisation of tailored trip to South Africa (including 3 days in Zimbabwe and Botsuana). We enjoyed every moment of the tour (maybe except the wine tasting – but that is only because of the local employee who did not seem to be interested in anything).
    Best regards to everyone from Safpol – especially to Basia who was in charge of organisation of the tour, to Mariola and Dana – our fantastic tour guides and brave drivers and also to Barbara and Peter (thank you for your time in Victoria Falls).
    We will be strongly recommending the Safpol Safaris to our friends. Hoping to see you again somewhere in Africa!
    Karol Kempa 23 Oct 2016Namibia5"Namibia"
    Very professional, helpful, friendly and trustworthy - the best value for money
    The tour was excellent. It has exceeded our expectations. The tour Guide and driver were very professional, friendly, and so helpful. It was a trip of a lifetime for me. I have recommended Safpol Safaris to all my friends, Peter was so accommodating and very helpful, always available to provide advice. I am very happy to have dealt with this company. Their reputation is excellent, 6 stars !!!! and above all trustworthy: our accommodation, food, vehicles, service - all was better than anywhere else for the price we paid for our holiday. Kk
    Bartek Domagalski21 Oct 2016RSA & Madagascar5"Safpol-very good organization of trips and wonderful atmosphere."
    With Safpol we visited some countries in Africa.Last trip was to Madagascar.Difficult but full of impressions journey.Already we are thinking about a trip to the Seychelles in May 2017 -with Barbara our guide from Safpol.
    Piotr & Maria 20 Oct 2016South Africa - Zimbabwe - Bostwana5"The superbly covered, agreed program of the stay and the full technical professional-ness."
    On behalf of the entire group which had a pleasure of making use of services Safpol Safaris (www.safpol.co.za ), I am handing over our words of thanking and recognising for the superbly covered program and full professional-ness organisational.
    We are underlining special mentions for Mr Piotr Plebankiewicz, of which competence as the guide is being combined with the vast, real knowledge about this part of the continent. It is deserving the highest acknowledgement.
    Mariusz WojtowiczSeptember 2016Namibia5"Safpol Safaris Exceeded All Expectations"
    As this was our first trip to Namibia (and Africa!) we decided we felt more comfortable with some assistance from a local tour operator, preferably travel in a small group. Our price was medium range and we were looking for a good value for money: affordable, but good hotels/ lodges and above all excellent logistics. I began conversations with a representative of Safpol Safaris as well as one other Namibian operator, and learned quite a bit it the process. Safpol Safaris offered us the best accommodation for less expensive price in comparison to other operators, their package was also more comprehensive and therefore I felt more comfortable with them.

    I travel a lot and am very picky!. We had a limited amount of time to travel and wanted to focus all of our energy on getting to know one country as best as we could in the time at hand. Safpol Safaris organised this trip perfectly, exactly as we wanted and better than we could expect.

    Namibia speaks for itself. Drop dead gorgeous landscape and natural wonders. A solid tourism infrastructure that is still relatively undiscovered. Even at Sossusvlei, we never felt overcrowding.

    I highly recommend Safpol Safaris. You will be glad if you choose this company to organise your travel in Southern Africa. I am already planning our next trip to South Africa and Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) with Safpol next year.
    Krystyna JasinskaSeptember - October 2016Namibia - Botswana5"Namibia 2016 Marvellous service"
    We travelled with Safpol Safaris several times. They organised for us a great stay in Mauritius couple of years ago, last year we visited South Africa with Safpol and we were very satisfied with the organisation of the tour as well as the choice of hotels and first of all, a really incredible service and excellent value for money in comparison what we were offered by Travel Agencies in Germany. Not even one cent was spent unnecessarily on all our trips with Safpol ( almost 30 % less for the same 4 * standard !!) We have been amazed how trustworthy this company has been at all times. Our last trip lasted 17 days. We started in Namibia and later continued to Botswana. Our Guide Peter had an enormous knowledge about all places we visited and he could provide the information in such an entertaining and interesting way that we way really surprised. He is also a very good driver, as it is very difficult to drive on african dirt roads full of cows, donkeys etc day and night. The tour was perfectly organised, which was not easy for such a long trip. The hotels were very comfortable and in Okavango Delta it was a fairytale ! (at a reasonable price, which was important to us, as most of the lodges there are incredibly expensive). From our bungalow on the river we could watch the most beautiful african sunrise. The food in all lodges chosen by Safpol was also excellent. The vehicle ( 4 x 4 Toyota Fortuner) , as well as the off-road trailer supplied by Safpol were in very good condition, which was important, especially when we saw many other cars stack in the mud or sand. Thanks to our incredible guide/driver, his knowledge and skills it has never happened to us during such a long trip over extremely difficult roads, especially in Botswana. Our Guide would fulfil all our wishes for example we wanted to attend a Mass at Catholic Church on Sundays almost in the middle of now-where in Africa ! and it happened. We will never forget the Holy Mass in Maun. The Faithful sing and dance during the service (as it should be) and the mass is really joyful . The local catholic community accepted us and sincerely welcomed. In one word; thanks to the magnificent organisation and thoughtful care, our African adventure will remain for long in our memory as a truly wonderful experience. Thank you Safpol Safaris !
    Malgorzata TraczynskaSeptember - October 2016Namibia - Botswana5"Unusual holidays in Africa"
    We have been very lucky to spend our holiday in Namibia and Botswana organised by Safpol Safaris. This was our second time we travelled with them. Last year Safpol organised for us a fantastic round tour of South Africa.
    First of all we would like to emphasize the competence of our tour guide Peter, his knowledge about the visited countries, warmth and willingness to take care of all of our whims. Not to mention the ability to cope with any situation. Peter surprised us with his driving skills, driving mainly on the dirt and bumpy roads in Namibia and Botswana. It was surprising also to other tourists that we met on the road. We felt absolutely safe with Peter. He also shared with us his knowledge about wild animals and their behaviour, as well as the flora of this interesting Southern African region.
    I would like also to mention a great selection of hotels and lodges where we stayed and where we had delicious dinners and breakfasts. Fantastic ideas for picnics on the road. Cold drinks were always available on our way: water, coke or beer.
    To sum up, the tour has exceeded our expectations. We received a fantastic service for a very affordable price. That is what we consider a really good value for money! Everything was perfect and well prepared, and wherever we arrived, transport, pickup, transfers always worked perfectly. Safpol Safaris is a trustworthy company, always responsive in communications and very understanding of our needs.
    We would recommend Safpol Safaris to anyone wishing to go to Africa, in fact we have already done so.
    Piotr WilczekAugust 2016South Africa - Mozambique 5"Beutiful honeymoon trip to South Africa and Mozambique"
    We knew the people behind Safpol through family relations und past travels and we asked them to help us with our Honeymoon Trip to Africa. The scheduled and organized a trip for us based on our flight. We didn't have to worry about a thing. Everything was arranged and ready. Our guide during the trip was familiar with country and customs and had multiple anecdotes and facts that made everything more interesting.
    The Accommodations we had been great and the food delicious. Besides traveling through J’Burg, Pretoria, Krueger National Park and a private game resort we’ve been at a marvellous beach in Mozambique where we were snorkelling with whale sharks and dolphins. Just amazing. It was a very good Honeymoon and we are glad we did it through Safpol.
    Tony & MeredithAugust 2016South Africa - Zimbabwe - Bostwana5"An amazing experience"
    What a fabulous trip! The guides were so knowledgeable and easy to work with. All arrangements fitted well together and there were very few hiccups. All communications with the tour operators were professional and very knowledgeable. The hotels were all very good and exceeded our expectations. We have already referred several other friends to Safpol and would not hesitate to use them again.